Creative plastic playground elements

Rotovia has been active in the playground sector for many years, producing highly creative plastic playground equipment. The playground industry has a huge product potential. Using the rotational moulding technology, designers can create a wide range of innovative and highly functional plastic components.

In the production of playgrounds, as well as other products in rotomoulding, the highest quality materials are used to guarantee a long life of the equipment, as well as to reduce the need for maintenance of playgrounds in schools, parks or neighborhood squares. Playgrounds with rotomoulded elements are much more durable and last longer than those made of wood or metal elements. Slides are one of the top products in this segment.

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Unique specifications

The rotomoulded slides of Rotovia have some unique specifications:

  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Durable structure and design
  • Wide selection of colors and lengths
  • Corrosion-proof and maintenance-free
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures

Durable high quality rotationally molded slides for playgrounds

Our plastic slides are made of durable medium-density polyethylene (PE) and mixed pigmented resins, which gives them the incredible advantage of excellent resistance to load, impact or mechanical damage. Parameters such as the flexibility and stiffness of the slide are adjusted by means of the properties of the resin used, as well as through the thickness of the molded walls.

Another benefit of the polyethylene slides is that they are highly resistant to UV radiation, thanks to which they do not change their shape when exposed to high and low temperatures and do not warp or crack during prolonged exposure to the sun.

An additional benefit is that the colors in the plastic slides are infused. This greatly affects the durability of the elements, which do not peel, rust or chip, as in the case of products covered with paint. One more important benefit is that the slides manufactured with our rotomoulding technology are characterized by durable designs and offer a wide selection of colors and lengths. The polyethylene slides fit perfectly into the idea of promoting healthy, yet safe play.

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