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Rotovia is an international rotomoulding company with a 50+ year history as leader in the plastic manufacturing industry. With a rich heritage and a wealth of experience, the company has been producing high-quality, durable rotomoulded products for half a century. The expertise in rotomoulding technology has enabled us to offer an extensive range of products that cater to a variety of industries and applications. The company its committed to innovation and sustainability, always striving to produce better products while reducing its impact on the environment. Rotovia has a international presence, with facilities in multiple countries, serving customers in diverse markets. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we provide exceptional customer service and support, ensuring that its clients receive the best possible experience. We are proud of our 50-year legacy and are poised to continue its success for many years to come.

Our Heritage Eerste Afbeelding Aan De Rechtekant
Montoir, France

With the advent of new materials such as polyethylene, many new opportunities arose and new businesses were started. Back in 1956, we started our factory in Montoir, France. In 2005 the factory in Montoir joined the Promens group.

Montoir (1)
Deventer, The Netherlands

A new factory is started in Deventer, the Netherlands, which is fully dedicated to rotational moulding. Soon the first new types of packaging were introduced. In 2005 the factory in Deventer joined the Promens group.

Deventer 1
Deventer 3
Hockenheim, Germany

At the same time, a new factory is also established in Mannheim, Germany, focusing entirely on the new technique of rotational moulding. Since 1990, this factory has been located in Hockenheim, Germany. In 2005 the factory in Hockenheim joined the Promens group.

Hockenheim Heritage
Hockenheim Heritage 2
St. John, Canada

St. John Canada was established in 1979. Sæplast acquired the business in 1999. From then on the factory is fully dedicated to producing high-quality premium rotomoulded Saeplast products.

2000 Saeplast Canada
Saeplast Canadag 1997 Old Dyno Inplant

Sæplast hf. established, in Dalvik Iceland by 16 shareholders. It all started back in the days with the production of insulated containers in a 250 m2 rental facility. In 1991 Sæplast hf. was listed on Iceland Stock Exchange ICEX and it became one of the first ten companies in Iceland to get listed.

Saeplast 1984 1
Saeplast 1984 2

The factory was established in 1984 and became the largest foam plastic factory in Iceland by the time the Tempra brand was introduced in 2000. Tempra was later acquired by Saeplast hf. in 2004.

Tempra History 2
Tempra History
Annezin, France

Alongside the Montoir plant, another plant is being set up in France and that is in Annezin. This plant in northern France also embraces the production of rotationally moulded polyethylene products. In 2005 the factory in Annezin joined the Promens group.

Rijen, The Netherlands

1992 was the start of factory in Rijen, the Netherlands known as PlastiNed. In 2000 a green field plant was build dedicated to the rotomoulding process. In 2003 PlastiNed was later acquired by Saeplast hf. and in 2005 the factory in Rijen joined the Promens group.

Rijen 3
Rijen 4
Ålesund, Norway

In 1999 Sæplast acquired the factory in Ålesund, Norway. In 2008 production was ceased but since then Sæplast has been operating warehouse and sales office in Ålesund.

Miedzyrzecz, Poland

The company started in 2000 in Pszczew, Poland. The new production technology catches on and soon a larger facility is built in Międzyrzecz in 2001, allowing multiple machine additions in the years to come. In 2005 the factory in Miedzyrzecz, joined the Promens group.

Poland 1
Poland 2
La Caniza, Spain

2002 Sæplast hf acquired factory in Spain, La Caniza. After that point in time, the factory’s entire focus was shifted towards the manufacture of Saeplast products, with a strong emphasis on quality.


In 2005 Promens hf. was formed combining several of Sæplast’s subsidiaries in Iceland, The Netherlands, Spain, Norway and Canada. The company soon acquired Bonar Plastics, adding rotomoulding plants that manufacture high-quality custom moulded products and proprietary products.

Promens Logo Heritage

In 2010 iTUB AS established in Norway to provide insulated plastic tub rentals to Norwegian fishing industry for both onshore and offshore use. Customers can rent tubs for short-term or extended periods.


In 2010 the VARIBOX brand was established in Montoir, France and Deventer the Netherlands, raising the bar in durability and safety with the all-plastic IBC VARIBOX.

Headerfoto Varibox Brand
Varibox 1

In 2014 iTUB hf. was established in Iceland. Since 2014, iTUB Iceland has been providing insulated plastic tubs for rent to Iceland’s fishing industry, offering flexible rental options for both short and long-term needs on land or at sea.

RPC Group

In 2014 Promens hf. is acquired by RPC Group plc and was one of Europe’s largest suppliers of plastic products. The rotomolding factories formed the Promens Roto business unit within RPC.

Logo Rpc Promens 2c New (1)
Berry Global

In 2019 RPC Group is acquired by Berry Global inc. The Promens Roto business unit becomes Berry Promens Roto.

Berry Global Logo

In 2022 Icelandic investors acquired the Promens Roto business and continues as an independent rotational moulding group under the new brand name ROTOVIA. Rotovia is a leading international manufacturer built from its Icelandic heritage.

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