Specialized premium rotomoulded products

One of the most important fundamentals of creating valuable rotomoulded products for our customers are proven long-time relationships. A fundamental base of knowing each other’s business and how to support each other to grow together. The market of special vehicles which are created for building and construction is a market in which Rotovia has been active for many years. During this period of creating high-valued construction vehicle parts we really understood the business and what is necessary to support our customers. We meet the highest requirements, so that with our construction vehicle parts, your vehicles can perform under extreme conditions. If you need premium parts for cranes, loaders, excavators or mobile compressors, we can deliver!

Crane for building and construction
Cranes 1


We produce many different parts for cranes: fuel tanks, AdBlue tanks, airducts, hydraulic oil tanks and mudguards.

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Excavators 1


For excavators we produce fuel tanks, AdBlue tanks, airducts, hydraulic oil tanks and mudguards.

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Loaders 1


For loaders we produce fuel tanks, AdBlue tanks, airducts, hydraulic oil tanks and mudguards.

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Mobiele Compressor

Mobile compressors

We also produce different products for mobile compressors: bumpers and canopies

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Long-lasting lifetime

High resistant materials

Easy installation process

Durability at the highest level

At Rotovia we always aim to manufacture the highest quality rotomoulded products for our customers in the building and construction market. To ensure the quality after the production, all products containing fluids can be checked 100% on any leakages in the future. By doing this we can ensure our customers that the product does exactly what it’s been made for when they install our rotomoulded product in their application or vehicles. Next to that it also creates a strong base for the earlier mentioned long-time relationships. Our building and construction customers rely on having a trustworthy supplier who can guarantee leak-free products.

Rotovia Building And Construcion
Rotovia Plastic For Loaders

High Quality Plastic Components for your Heavy Machinery​

We have developed special skills and market-specific knowledge. Our customers have shared a lot of knowledge with us and vice versa. By sharing openly and being transparent we gained a lot of experience. What we know from our experience in the market is that there is a requirement for sophisticated complex products which need to be fit perfectly in the design of the vehicles, a hydraulic tank for a dump truck for example. All dump trailer hydraulic tanks are manufactured based on your requirements and needs. That is not only the case for dump trailer hydraulic tanks but for all tanks in building and construction. Based on the requirements we are able to manufacture highly sophisticated and complex products by adapting our moulds and finishing lines towards the desired results.



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