Roto moulded agriculture product in massive sizes

The roto moulding factories of Rotovia in Europe have the ability to manufacture customer specific agricultural products up a massive size 4.5 meter and 8000 litres. The massive roto moulded plastic products are fully been built on customer specific requirements. Together with our valued customers we bring their idea to live. It all starts when our customers in the Agricultural markets reach out to us. We are eager to get involved with the thinking with their design. Together we create the high-quality and high-valued roto moulded products which are perfectly suiting the design of application.

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Tractor 1


Rotovia is well-known for designing and producing Roto moulded products for agriculture, such as fuel tanks, AdBlue tanks, Hydraulic oil tanks, mudguards and airducts.

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Seeders 1


Another market segment in agriculture where we are active in are seeders. For this segment we make; seedhoppers, fertilizer hoppers and cabinets.

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Sprayers 1


During the last couple of years, we also made rotomoulded products for sprayers such as sprayer tanks, mix tanks, handwash tanks, mudguards, and cabinets.

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Harvesters 1


The last agricultural segment where we make products for is harvesters. Products which we make are pointers and covers, fuel tanks, AdBlue tanks, hydraulic oil tanks, and mudguards.

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Products up to 8000L

Wide range of polymers available

Long-lasting assembled products

Wide range of rotomoulded polymer material

Within the Rotovia production facilities across Europe we are using a lot of different polymer materials. This gives our valued customer the possibility or as we call it, the opportunity to have their rotomoulded product for agriculture in any desired available type of plastic. The wide range plastic raw materials allow us to meet every requirement of the customer. But it goes even further, by selecting the correct polymer materials for production we can achieve the meet the durability aspects of our customers products. The materials type which are available within the Rotovia manufacturing locations are: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Cross Link Polyethylene (XLPE) and Nylon. And of course, don’t forget the recycled materials. Which can support our agricultural customers reach their sustainability goals.

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Long-lasting full assembled rotomoulded products

One of the most important capability of our Rotovia production locations are is that we can of a completely assembled rotomoulded product. When your product comes out of our production line is directly ready to be installed in your machinery. But not just ready, our valued customers have even opportunity to deliver their desired equipment which needs to be built in the rotomoulded product. Its also possible to have your agriculture product fully check with certificates of the results of the test. By this we can ensure as proud manufacturer of rotomoulded products that a long-time of the products is guaranteed and our customer are fully satisfied.

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