Premium rotomoulded vehicle parts

As a trusted provider of premium plastic components for buses, trains, and trucks, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and precision in every product we create. Leveraging years of expertise in design and manufacturing, we understand the critical role our components play in the performance and reliability of your vehicles. Our commitment is rooted in a value proposition that ensures your vehicles meet and exceed the highest set standards, thanks to our premium, precisely designed, and customizable solutions.

Our process allows us to produce rotomoulded vehicle parts with unparalleled precision. The rotomoulding technique is the key to achieving complex design shapes that perfectly fit the limited spaces within vehicles, making our rotationally molded vehicle components not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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Rotovia makes many different products for buses such as fuel Tanks, AdBlue Tanks, windshield was tanks, battery houses and airducts.

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Premium parts for trains

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Rotovia makes many different products for trucks such as fuel Tanks, AdBlue Tanks, battery houses and air inlet ducts.

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Components are precisely designed and manufactured

Complex design to fit limited space

Highly customizable with meeting industry standards

Flexible HDPE components for vehicles

One of the greatest advantages of our rotomoulded vehicle parts is their adaptability. This flexibility is essential in an industry where design requirements can change, and it highlights the superiority of our components over those produced through other processes. Our ability to customize products while meeting rigorous industry standards makes our HDPE components for vehicles the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking reliability and excellence.

Collaboration with our customers is at the heart of our approach. By working closely with vehicle manufacturers, we establish forecasts and production plans that seamlessly integrate into their supply chains. This partnership ensures that our products are delivered on time, enabling our clients to optimize inventory levels and reduce warehouse space, ultimately saving time and resources.

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Rotovia truck components

Commited to meet all industry standards

Our commitment to quality extends beyond design and manufacturing. The rotomoulding technique, utilized across our European factories, is renowned for producing premium components, such as plastic car parts or other rotationally moulded vehicle components, that fulfill the stringent quality and functional requirements of our clients in the vehicle industry. Through comprehensive internal quality checks and process monitoring, we guarantee that our products meet the highest standards of excellence. Our facilities offer the option for 100% quality inspection of plastic rotomoulded vehicle parts, ensuring every component we deliver meets our clients’ precise specifications.

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