30-year track-record in Vehicles

Rotovia has more than 30 years’ experience in creating Roto moulded products/parts for Vehicles. For many years we challenge ourselves to create the best-in-class plastic products for vehicles. Of course, this is something we can’t do on our own. So together with our valued customers in the market of vehicles we set ourselves up as a reliable supplier. This because of we deliver highly technical plastic parts matching elevated quality and functional requirements. The Roto moulding technique of all the Rotovia plants enables a wide range of design shapes to fit within the complex available space in the vehicle. But there is more. When using the Roto moulded plastic parts are adaptable to later changes of the design shape in contrast to other plastic products from other forming processes.

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Rotovia makes for buses many different products such as fuel Tanks, AdBlue Tanks, windshield was tanks, battery houses and airducts.

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Rotovia makes for trains different products such as wastewater and freshwater tanks.

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Rotovia makes for truck many different products such as fuel Tanks, AdBlue Tanks, battery houses and air inlet ducts.

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Components are precisely designed and manufactured

Complex design to fit limited space

Highly customizable with meeting industry standards

On-point delivery (Fit in the supply-chain)

The key-element because Rotovia is so successful in the vehicle industry is the possibility to be part of on-point delivery. Together with our customers we set up forecasts and a plan of production to fit in the supply-chain of creating their vehicles.

During the manufacturing of high-quality roto moulded products for many years we discovered that one the elements that makes our product even from higher value is that we can make sure that our product is been delivered on time. This enables our valued customers to don’t build up stock which space in warehouse and saves time.

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100% quality assurance based on quality systems (iso and etf)

The Roto moulding technique which has been used more many years throughout the factories in Europe is well-known for delivery high-quality products. The method ensures the high quality and functional requirements of our valued vehicles customers by internal quality production checks combined with process monitoring. Within our factories our customers have the option to let their plastic roto moulded products checked 100% We have a lot of systems completely dedicated to the following quality of our fantastic products. The system which we have on site are measurement tools for dimensional stability and we have leak-proof test. But there is more we are in the lead when it comes to ECE R34 certification for plastic fuel tanks and special certifications like flammability test. All those tests will make sure that we manufacture and deliver complete assembled products to our customer needs.

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