Durable rotomoulded plastic parts for loaders

Rotomoulded plastic products are made by heating plastic pellets in a mould and rotating the mould in all directions, which evenly distributes the plastic and creates a uniform product. This process results in several advantages for manufacturers of loader machinery.

The rotomoulding process creates a product that is resistant to impact, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. This means that the fuel tanks, Adblue tanks, hydraulic oil tanks, air ducts, and mudguards made from rotomoulded plastic will have a long lifespan, reducing the need for replacements and reducing costs.

Furthermore, rotomoulded plastic products are lightweight. This is particularly beneficial for loader machinery manufacturers, because the weight of the machinery is an important factor in its overall efficiency and performance. Rotomoulded plastic parts are significantly lighter than metal parts, which means that the machinery will be able to operate more efficiently and will require less energy to move.



Long-lasting lifetime

High resistant materials

Easy Installation Process

Fuel tanks
Urea tanks
Hydraulic oil tanks
Air ducts
Fuel Tanks Loaders 1

The unique specifications

  • Fit into the design
  • Strong material resistance
  • Operating functions

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Urea Tank 1

The unique specifications

  • Complex design
  • Component integration
  • High durability material

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Hydraulic Oil Tank Loader 1

The unique specifications

  • Fit with temperature operation
  • Complex design
  • On board component

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Mudguards Loaders 3

The unique specifications

  • Light but strong
  • Material color available
  • Complex design

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Loader Air Duct

The unique specifications

  • 10 years+ lifetime
  • High resistant to impact
  • Highly efficient inflow

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High resistance to corrosion

Rotomoulded plastic products are resistant to corrosion. This is particularly important for fuel tanks, AdBlue tanks, and hydraulic oil tanks, because these components are exposed to potentially corrosive materials. Rotomoulded plastic tanks will not rust, corrode, or degrade over time, which means they will not leak or cause damage to the machinery.

Additionally, rotomoulded plastic products can be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. This means that the machinery manufacturer can work with the rotomoulding manufacturer to create custom-made parts that are tailored to the specific needs of their machinery. This allows the manufacturer to have complete control over the design and function of the parts, ensuring that they are optimised for the machinery.

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