Rotomoulding process

Generating a sustainable future requires sustainable products. We work hard every day to manufacture these products. How we do that? We are happy to tell you. From material preparation to finishing and assembling: Rotovia takes you through the entire rotational moulding process in six different steps. You will also learn about our designs, materials (such as foam, nylon, polypropylene and polyethylene), machines and moulds. Of course, our mission – the sharing, caring, can-do spirit – also shines through in our working method and process. We do the work, you bring your idea to life!

Material preparation

Step 1

To prepare materials for the rotomoulding process, plastic granules are reduced in size through a micro-pelletizer or a pulverizer. The materials can be colorized or modified with additives.

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Step 2

The material is fed into the mould in the exact weight of the product. Any parts to be moulded into the product, such as metal inserts, are now placed in the mould.

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Step 3

The mould is heated, which melts and compacts the material inside. During this sintering the mould is rotated around two axes. This step in rotomoulding process creates a solid, uniform layer.

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Step 4

During cooling the heated part is cooled down below melting temperature. The material solidifies inside the mould. This process defines mechanical properties of the product.

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Step 5

Demoulding is removing the finished part from the mould. Any undercuts or threaded parts in the mold are removed first. Now the mould is opened and the part can be released.

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Finishing & assembling

Step 6

In this last step of the rotational moulding process the product can be machined by robots or by using specialized routing tools. The final product is assembled, tested, inspected and packed.

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Learn about the benefits of rotomoulding, the materials and machines we use, and how we can create custom products for your unique needs with our rotational moulding process.



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