Premium rotomoulded train components

As a trusted provider of premium plastic train components, and  components for other vehicles, we understand the critical importance of the quality and reliability of the parts that keep them performing to the highest standards. Our expertise in designing and creating premium components such as wastewater tanks and fresh water tanks is unmatched, making us the go-to choice for manufacturers seeking the best in the industry.

Our premium rotomoulded train parts embody our commitment to excellence. Using the rotomoulding technique, we are able to produce components that are not only precisely designed but also boast complex shapes to fit the limited spaces. This process ensures a seamless, one-piece design for our tanks and components, eliminating joints or seams.

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Components are precisely designed and manufactured

Complex design to fit limited space

Highly customizable with meeting industry standards

Wastewater tanks
Fresh water tanks
Wastewater Tanks Trains 1

The unique specifications

  • One-piece design
  • Highly customizable
  • Extremely Durable

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The unique specifications

  • Resistant to damage and leak-proof design
  • Easy assembly thanks to low weight
  • Variety of volumes and sizes

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Extremly durable plastic train parts

Our technique allows for the production of non-porous and corrosion-resistant plastic train parts, ensuring they do not succumb to rust or degradation over time. This durability is vital for the longevity and safety of trains, as well as for maintaining the performance standards you expect. Furthermore, these components are designed to be lightweight yet incredibly strong, adding no unnecessary weight and contributing to their overall efficiency and lifespan.

Our approach to component manufacturing emphasizes customization and flexibility, catering to the specific needs of train manufacturers. The highly customizable nature of our rotomoulded train parts ensures that we can meet any design specification while adhering to strict industry standards. This level of personalization, combined with our commitment to quality, positions our plastic train components as the perfect solution for manufacturers seeking premium, durable, and efficient components.

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