Freedom in design with rotomoulding

The design versatility of Rotovia‘s rotationally moulded leisure equipment is practically unlimited and has been perfected over the years. This technique allows us to produce countless numbers of fully or partially enclosed parts and components. Features such as flexibility and stiffness are controlled by the properties of the resin used and the thickness of the moulded walls. This allows for a wide range of shapes and elements that make up an attractive, durable and premium plastic leisure product. 


Rotovia Playground Equipment
Boats 1


Rotovia is well-known for designing and producing rotomoulded products for marine, such as fuel tanks, freshwater tanks, water locks and wastewater tanks.

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Campers Caravans 1

Caravans & campers

Rotovia is active in the market of recreational vehicles such as caravans and campers.

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Coolers 1


Coolers is a market that Rotovia is very active in. We create reusable and sustainable rotomoulded coolers for consumers.

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Playground Equipment

Playground equipment

Rotovia is a big international player for rotomoulded playground equipment. We have been active for many years with products such as slides and kayaks.

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Highly customizable

Functional and aesthetic

Resistant to punctures and scraping

Stress-free custom leisure parts

Rotomoulding is increasingly being used in the design and production of artwork. Designers can create a wide range of innovative plastic products. Typical design issues that rotomoulding routinely addresses are issues such as maintaining a consistent wall thickness, producing a double-walled structure, shaping thicker corners, mould insertion and reinforcing ribs and undercuts. This is because rotomoulding allows for a more consistent thickness along the entire wall or lining. It also allows a more uniform double-walled structure, and the parts have thicker outer corners that strengthen the entire structure. Mould insertion and reinforced undercuts can be implemented easily using the rotomoulding technique. 

We use the highest quality, UV-stabilized materials to ensure a long lifespan of the equipment and reduces maintenance. Rotomoulded playground equipment is stronger and more durable than wood or metal solutions. 

Polyethylene products are resistant to acids, salt, corrosion, abrasion and UV radiation, which prevents loss of shape and colour and warping under direct sunlight and heat. This makes them perfect for boats, caravans or campers and coolers!

Rotovia Camper Scenery
Rotovia Premium Playground

Where comfort, functionality and aesthetics unite

Recreational elements made with the rotomoulding technology are not only aesthetic and colourful, but also very durable, with excellent resistance to impact and both high and low temperatures. Plastic elements are made of polyethylene of different density depending on the needs. 

Health organizations promote movement and sports activities, pointing out that exercise is the most important way to improve health and well-being among children and adults, well-designed rotomolded leisure products fit perfectly with the idea of promoting healthy, creative and safe play. 

You can trust that Rotovia’s leisure equipment meet the highest standards in the industry. For more information on how we can work together to create your perfect product contact us and let’s bring that idea to life!



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