Plastic hydraulic oil tanks for loaders

Rotomoulded hydraulic oil tanks have become a popular choice among building and construction machinery manufacturers for a variety of reasons. These tanks are made using the rotomoulding process, which involves heating plastic pellets and then shaping it into the desired form using a mould. This results in tanks that are durable, lightweight, and efficient. This makes them very suitable for loaders.

A plastic hydraulic oil tank offers many possibilities. You can for instance have a tortured design, but we will always find a solution. From 20 to 200 liters, it is always possible to develop a hydraulic solution in rotomoulded plastic.

Hydraulic Oil Tanks Loaders 2
Hydraulic Oil Tanks Loaders 2

Temperature of use

Most technical data shows that hydraulic oils can be very hot. Of course, beyond certain temperatures, the hydraulic system is no longer operational. We have therefore developed a solution using Polyamide 6 in our rotational moulding process. This allows us to withstand temperatures in a very wide range: from – 40° to + 120°C.

Components from the best specialists

We work closely with specialists in hydraulic equipment. This allows us to assemble these products on the tanks according to the best standards of the market. One of the most common requirements is the cleaning of the interior of the tank, so we pay particular attention to how we can meet these demands.

A hydraulic tank often uses many components. The solution of rotational moulded hydraulic tanks is undoubtedly the best to integrate even more functions on the product.

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