Integrated functions for seeder cabinets

Machines for the agricultural sector are becoming increasingly complex. Precision seed drills are equipped with electronic controls. Given the vulnerability of these electronic components, they must be placed in a dust-tight and watertight housing to protect the electronics against the harsh conditions that can occur on the field.

Instead of rectangular standard cabinets, rotomoulded housings that fit into the overall design of the machine are being used more and more for this application. This also offers the possibility to integrate functions and to design the bottom of the housing in such a way that it is also a mudguard. Furthermore, inserts can me moulded in, so other components can be attached in a secured way.

Cabinet Seeders
Cabinets Seeders 2

Robust protection

A rotomoulded cabinet will provide a robust protection of the interior due to:

  • The use of UV resistant polyethylene, suitable for long lasting outdoor applications.
  • The toughness and durability of polyethylene, plus its high impact strength, even at extreme low temperatures.
  • The double walled door for extra cover that is often realized as cabinet access.

Cost saving solutions

Rotomoulded cabinets made of chemical resistant MDPE and integrated with mudguards for agricultural machinery are a cost-effective solution. They are because of their durability, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, and design adaptability to different types of agricultural machinery. The MDPE also makes it UV resistant, allowing it to be used for long periods of time outdoors.

Furthermore, the rotomoulding process makes it possible to create cabinets for seeders in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which allows manufacturers to tailor them to the specific needs of different types of agricultural machinery. The cabinets’ design and properties make them an ideal choice for agriculture machine manufacturers looking to improve the efficiency and performance of their equipment.

Cabinets Seeders 3
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