Rotomoulded air ducts offer additional functions such as strength and stability

Rotomoulded air ducts are becoming an increasingly popular choice for crane manufacturers due to their numerous advantages over traditional air ducts. One of the main benefits of rotomoulded air ducts is their additional functions. These air ducts are designed to not only transport air but also to act as structural supports for the crane, providing additional strength and stability. This means that crane manufacturers can reduce the number of separate components required to construct a crane. Rotomoulded air ducts are a cost-effective, efficient, and flexible solution for crane manufacturers. They can help to simplify the manufacturing process, reduce costs, and improve the performance of cranes, which can help crane manufacturers to remain competitive in the market.

Airducts Cranes
Airducts Cranes 2

Unique specifications

The rotomoulded air ducts for cranes of Rotovia have some unique specifications:

  • Easily to assemble and disassemble
  • Adaption to different crane designs and configurations
  • Easy to update or upgrade
  • Simplify maintenance and repair

Quick response to changing customer demands and adapt products to new technologies

Lightweight for a strong performance

Cranes are often used in industrial and construction settings. They need to be able to handle heavy loads and withstand harsh conditions. However, traditional air ducts are often heavy and bulky, which can make it difficult for crane manufacturers to meet these demands. Rotomoulded air ducts are much lighter than traditional air ducts, which means that crane manufacturers can design cranes that are both stronger and more lightweight. This can help to improve the performance of cranes and reduce fuel consumption, which can help to lower operating costs.

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