The best ally to limit your NOX emission

A urea tank for construction equipment is not large part: around 20 to 50 liters. To block NOX particles, urea still be the best solution, even if you’re driving an excavator. It is very fluid and potentially corrosive with certain alloys, urea crystallizes under 0°C.

The rotomoulding technique of Rotovia is very suitable for urea tanks. We have the expertise to provide tanks with air volumes that allow the expansion of the urea and allow the tank to be filled and maintained. As usual, we need to respect certain rules to install the inserts, the gauge system and the filling with its filter.

Urea Tank 1
Urea Tank 2

Best material choice

To avoid chemical reactions between urea and certain dyes, only polymers colored by compounding are safe and liable. The temperatures of use remain compatible with these materials, i.e. around 70°C maximum.

Components that may come into contact with urea must be resistant. Stainless steel is particularly suitable for metal parts, while certain seals must be designed to offer the best behavior over time.

A high value in assembly parts

A urea tank is equipped with several suitable systems. The filling system must be equipped with a special filter and must prevent overfilling and limit external pollution during refilling. The caps are sealed to prevent loss of urea through this orifice.

The gauge system is made more complex by the addition of a resistance or liquid heating process, and suction and return pipes. To ensure the efficiency of the pollution control system, these gauges are equipped with electronic components to send urea consumption data back to the dashboard. Sometimes they use sensors to measure the quality of the urea in the tank. Finally, it must always be possible to drain the tank.

For all these specific components, we have developed a real expertise and have a network of suppliers able to offer the best technological solutions. As with all our tanks, we check for leaks, visual appearance and dimensions before delivering them to our customers.

Urea Tank 3
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