Durable protection for loaders

With loaders that are used on construction sites it is necessary to protect them from stones and from jets of mud. Mudguards are highly solicited, but it is best to not use mudguards that are made from steel. They will rust very quickly. With rotational moulded plastic mudguards, this will be no issue. They are more durable and efficient then steel mudguards, which makes them ideal for building and construction.

Mudguards Loaders 1
Mudguards Loaders 2

Designed to your needs

The front and rear mudguards of loaders can be more or less complex. At the front, it is often a more refined design, but it must be able to resist very strong shocks. At the rear, it is sometimes necessary to provide forms for the signal lights or any other component. Therefore, rotational moulding is suitable for all machines that need to have a more advanced design than others. It enables us to produce any design, whether it is simple or very complex.

A trusted producer

At Rotovia, we provide front and rear mudguards for loaders that allow our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Mudguards are an important part of our expertise. We make sure to always meet the expectations of our customers for the design of their machines.

Mudguard Loader
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