Sprayer tanks with excellent chemical resistance

Agricultural spraying machines contain liquids used for spraying crop with plant protection chemicals and fertilizers. These liquids can be safely stored in the polyethylene rotomoulded sprayer tanks of Rotovia. The tanks can range in size from a few hundred litres to 8000 litres or more.

One of the key features of the sprayer tanks is that they are made of polyethylene, a durable and chemical-resistant plastic material. In addition to being durable and chemical-resistant, rotomoulded polyethylene tanks are also highly resistant to impact and UV radiation, meaning they will withstand outdoor use and can last for many years.

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Rotomoulded tanks are easy to clean

A rotational moulded tank is a one-piece seamless product with rounded corners and a smooth inside wall. This makes the tank easy to clean thoroughly. It is also possible to form a bottom spout seamlessly so that the tank empties 100%. As a result, no chemical residue remains, which is also required by law.

The first choice of leading agricultural sprayer manufacturers

In the past, agricultural sprayer tanks were often made of polyester. This so-called hand layup GRP is a manual process in which the wall thickness is built up manually. As a result, the quality is man-dependent and therefore not always constant. It also is a slow and expensive process. Styrene is released during the processing of polyester, which means that personal protective equipment is required. Polyester is also difficult to recycle.

Rotational moulding does not have these disadvantages. No chemical reaction takes place when processing polyethylene, the material is only heated. In addition, the process provides a good reproducible wall thickness distribution. Polyethylene is also easily recyclable and can then be re-used in the rotational moulding process. This process is a faster process compared to polyester processing, which means that the price per tank is a lot lower. All arguments why rotomoulded tanks are the first choice of the market leading agricultural sprayer manufacturers.

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