Fuel tanks moulded to the needed shape and size

At the start of a fuel tank project for a tractor or other agricultural vehicle, the structure of the vehicle plays an important role in defining the available volume. The complex shapes that can be achieved by rotational moulding can guarantee maximum fuel volume. Certain rules must be respected, such as wall thicknesses, the position of inserts, tank ventilation, and the placement of gauge systems.

The mould that is created takes into account all the technical data to meet the process requirements. At Rotovia, we have created tooling with up to seven removable elements for complex shapes that no other technology can offer. We are able to take care of the engineering of tanks from less than 50 liters up to 1000 liters.

Fuel Tanks Tractors
Fuel Tanks Tractors 2

The best material for the best result

A fuel tank for a tractor engine must last a long time, unless of course the machine is no longer in use. Polyethylene-based materials that are resistant to the aggression of diesel fuel are the best option. With thicker materials, the tank will not be damaged by shocks when the vehicle is used.

Generally, diesel fuel, even when hot, does not exceed 70°C. However, the latest generation of engines show that fuel backflows are sometimes higher and may require the use of more temperature resistant materials. Rotational moulding can still meet these requirements with suitable materials. Generally they are black, but they can be colored differently by the use of compound materials.

A ready to use solution

A fuel tank for a tractor must be equipped with several components, depending on its design:

  • A filler cap that complies with current standards, either vented or sealed
  • A fuel level gauge, connected by cable to the dashboard computer
  • Additional ventilation systems if the gauge is not sufficient
  • A drain at the bottom
  • Connections to an additional tanks if required
  • Moulded inserts to allow equipment to be fitted

Since the 80’s we have integrated lots of solutions to improve our custom products and get the right suppliers for the rights products. Each fuel tank is tested before it can be approved and put on the market. They are all checked for leakage, visual appearance and dimensions before being delivered to the customer.

Fuel Tanks Tractors 3
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