Uniquely shaped fuel tanks

Rotomoulding is a highly versatile and flexible manufacturing process that allows for the creation of complex and unique shapes with minimal tooling costs. This makes it an ideal solution for creating harvester fuel tanks that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer.

Rotomoulded fuel tanks are the best solution for harvester manufacturers because of their versatility, durability, and ability to create a visually appealing and distinctive product. These advantages provide manufacturers with a cost-effective and efficient way to meet the specific needs.

Fuel Tanks Harvesters 1
Fuel Tanks Harvesters 2

Integration of functions

Several functions can be integrated in the rotomoulded fuel tanks of Rotovia:

  • Integration of fuel level indicators
  • Integration of filler caps and other accessories
  • Simplification of design
  • Simple assembly of the final product
  • The tank can be the base for additional attachments

Custom colors and finishes

Rotomoulding allows for the creation of fuel tanks in a variety of custom colors and finishes. This can be a major selling point for harvester manufacturers, as it allows them to differentiate their products from their competitors and create a more visually appealing and distinctive product. Additionally, by offering a wide range of color options, manufacturers can also better match the fuel tank to the specific branding and aesthetic of their customers.

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