Highly customizable harvester AdBlue tanks

Rotomoulded harvester AdBlue tanks are a highly customizable and reliable solution for harvester manufacturers. AdBlue, also known as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), is a crucial component in the operation of modern diesel engines, as it helps to reduce emissions and comply with strict environmental regulations.

One of the key benefits of our plastic DEF tanks harvesters is their customizable design. Rotomoulding is a versatile manufacturing process that allows for the creation of complex shapes and sizes, making it possible to tailor the tank to the specific needs of each harvester model. This means that manufacturers can choose the exact size and shape of AdBlue tanks for harvesters to fit seamlessly into the existing design of their harvesters, without compromising on performance or efficiency.

Adblue Tanks Harvesters 2
Adblue Tanks Harvesters

Unique specifications of UREA tanks harvesters

Rotomoulded harvester AdBlue tanks for harvesters have some unique specifications:

  • High stability
  • Seamless, one-piece tanks
  • No welds or seams
  • Reliable and durable

Accurate 3D scanning service for rotomoulded premium products

At Rotovia, we offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service, from physical scanning to post-processing. Our scanning service accurately measures rotomoulded products in 3D, providing extremely accurate measurement data. With this service, our customers not only gain precise 3D models of their custom moulded products, but also the ability to use the collected information in the design or quality control process.

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Extremely durable and leak-proof AdBlue tanks for harvesters

The rotomoulding process allows a seamless, one-piece tank to be produced, which results in a high-strength product. Due to the absence of welds and joints, rotomoulded DEF tanks harvesters have a stable and robust construction. This means that polyethylene tanks are much more reliable and durable than tanks made using other technologies. In addition, the consistent wall thickness of the harvester AdBlue tanks provides excellent stability and rigidity, even when the tank is empty.

The absence of joints also translates into excellent tightness of our rotationally moulded tanks. As a result, both UREA tanks harvesters and fuel tanks for harvesters are not prone to leaks or leakage. Their exceptional resistance to chemicals and their complete hermeticity makes them safe for people and the environment.

The rotomoulding process is currently the best way to manufacture tanks that need to be of the highest quality, resistant to damage and chemicals. Our rotomoulding technology allows for a high degree of design flexibility, enabling us to produce unique AdBlue tanks for harvesters designed specifically to meet our customers’ needs.

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