Cooling: an important step

Cooling is an important step in the rotomoulding process because it defines the way the plastic material solidifies inside the mould. Ensuring correct cooling of the plastic material is key to achieve the correct material properties and define the right shape of the product.

The cooling process in rotomoulding is typically achieved by circulating air around the outside of the mould. This dissipates the heat from the plastic material as the mould cools, which allows for a uniform cooling process of the plastic part. The cooling time will vary depending on the size and shape of the product, as well as the type of plastic material used and its wall thickness. Thicker and larger products will require more cooling time than smaller products.

Cooling Control

Control over the cooling process

Control over the cooling process can be achieved by adjusting the air flow rate. Raising the flow will help to speed up the cooling process. Rapid cooling in rotomoulding can lead to warping of the finished product due to uneven cooling rates in different areas of the mould and across the part. This can also lead to increased stress in the material and reduced structural integrity.

The crystallization of the resin is impacted by the cooling rate. Slow cooling can increase the density of the resin and reduce the impact strength of a part. A product that is cooled more quickly will have a higher impact strength. Cooling is a critical step and should be done with the correct cooling ratio to achieve optimal performance.

A defining step

The cooling phase is a defining step in the rotomoulding process, where the plastic material solidifies and maintains its shape inside the mould. It is achieved by circulating cool air around the mould, which helps to dissipate the heat from the plastic material. Proper cooling also improves the final properties of the product such as impact strength and elasticity, as well as the correct shape of the product.

Defining Step


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