Ultimate impact resistant camper grey water tank

Rotational moulded portable camper grey water tanks are typically located under the undercarriage of a campers. They are exposed to all kinds of weather, salt spray, splashing stones and large temperature fluctuations. One of the main advantages of rotationally moulded tanks is their high resistance to impact and mechanical damage.

Polyethylene grey water tanks and other rotationally moulded caravan components are extremely durable and resistant to changing temperatures. They can withstand heavy impact and forces without cracking or breaking, making them ideal for use in a mobile outdoor environment such as campers.

Caravan waste water containers are also resistant to punctures and abrasions, further increasing their durability. Additionally, they are lightweight yet strong, which makes them easy to handle, transport and install in the campers.

Camper grey water tank
Camper grey water tank 2

Customised grey water tank design for caravans

Fully customized rotomoulded waste water tanks are the best solution for camper vans due to their high impact strength, thermal insulation and durability. They are able to withstand the rigours of a mobile environment, while keeping the wastewater at a stable temperature and minimizing the risk of leaks. Additionally, camper grey water tanks the rotomoulding process allows for unique shapes, sizes, and weight that can cater to the specific needs of camper vans.

Accurate 3D scanning service for rotomoulded premium products

At Rotovia, we offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service, from physical scanning to post-processing. Our scanning service accurately measures rotomoulded products in 3D, providing extremely accurate measurement data. With this service, our customers not only gain precise 3D models of their custom moulded products, but also the ability to use the collected information in the design or quality control process.

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Camper grey water tank: excellent term insulation

Campers and caravans, which belong to the top products on the leisure market, are used in summer, but also increasingly in winter. With temperatures below zero you don’t want the wastewater to freeze, because then the tank can no longer be emptied.

Rotomoulded polyethylene motorhome waste water tanks provide excellent thermal insulation, keeping the wastewater at a stable temperature, even in extreme heat or cold. The rotational moulding process also offers the possibility to build up the wall thickness to two layers. A second layer of PE foam is then formed for extra insulating properties of grey water tank caravan. Another unique solution is to build the waste water tank from two products, a rotationally moulded camper grey water tank and a rotationally moulded insulating box around it.



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