Ultimate impact resistant wastewater tanks

Rotational moulded wastewater tanks are typically located under the undercarriage of a camper van. They are exposed to all kinds of weather, salt spray, splashing stones and large temperature fluctuations. One of the major benefits of rotomoulded tanks is their high impact strength, even at freezing temperatures. These tanks can withstand heavy impact and forces without cracking or breaking, making them ideal for use in a mobile outdoor environment such as a camper van. The tanks are also resistant to punctures and abrasions, further increasing their durability. Additionally, they are lightweight yet strong, which makes them easy to handle, transport and install in the camper van.

Waste Water Tanks Campers Caravans 1
Wastewater Tanks Campers Caravans 2

Customized design

Fully customized rotomoulded wastewater tanks are the best solution for camper vans due to their high impact strength, thermal insulation and durability. They are able to withstand the rigours of a mobile environment, while keeping the wastewater at a stable temperature and minimizing the risk of leaks. Additionally, the rotomoulding process allows for unique shapes, sizes, and weight that can cater to the specific needs of camper vans.

Thermal insulation

Camper vans and caravans are used during summertime, but also more and more durig wintertime. At temperatures below zero you don’t want the wastewater to freeze, because then you can no longer empty the tank. Rotomoulded polyethylene tanks are able to provide excellent thermal insulation, keeping the wastewater at a stable temperature, even in extreme heat or cold. The rotational molding process also offers the possibility to build up the wall thickness from two layers. A second layer of PE foam is then formed for extra insulating properties. Another unique solution is to build the wastewater tank from two products, a rotationally moulded wastewater tank and a rotationally moulded insulating box around it.

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