Rotomoulded seed hoppers up to 4000 litres

Scaling up is a trend in the agricultural industry. Farming companies are getting bigger and bigger. It is becoming more and more challenging to sow huge areas of land in a short time when the weather is good. To make this possible, agricultural machines are getting bigger and more efficient.

This also applies to seeders. It is not uncommon for machines to carry up to 8000 litres of seed and fertilizer. These tanks are often still made of sheet steel, but this has several disadvantages, such as high costs, high weight, corrosion, limited freedom of design and sharp corners in which material can get stuck. This can all be solved with rotomoulded seed hoppers.

Seed Hopper 1
Seed Hopper 2

Better then steel

Rotational moulded seed hoppers for seeders have many advantages compared to the traditional steel tanks:

  • Lower costs per unit, which helps the manufacturer to be cost effective in a highly competitive market.
  • Lower weight, which reduces the needed design strength of the machine, lowering the overall weight, which results in lower soil compression and higher yields.
  • The design and color can be freely chosen. Industrial design has become an important factor, which helps the manufacturer to distinguish and build a strong brand. Rotational moulding is the ideal process for designers to create unique shapes.

Perfect hygiene

Another trend in the agriculture industry is precision farming. The aim is to use seed, fertilizer and pesticides as precisely as possible to prevent waste and pollution. It is important that the hoppers can empty 100% so that no residue remains in the corners. Rotomoulding makes it possible to design seamless seed hoppers with large, rounded corners that do not trap any material. The inside wall of the hoppers is very smooth so that it is easy to clean.

In addition, the material used for rotomoulding (mostly HDPE) is UV stabilized, completely colored through and through, durable and can withstand extreme temperatures, weather and agricultural chemicals.

Seed Hopper 3
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