Customized designs for pointers and covers

Rotomoulded pointers and covers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for harvester manufacturers, due to their numerous advantages over traditional pointers and covers. One of the main benefits of rotomoulded pointers and covers is the ability to have a customized design.

Rotomoulding is a versatile manufacturing process that allows for a wide range of shapes and sizes to be created, so harvester manufacturers can design pointers and covers that are specific to their needs and requirements. This allows for an optimal integration of the pointers and covers into the overall design of the harvester, leading to a more streamlined and efficient machine.

Pointers & Covers Harvesters 1
Pointers & Covers Harvesters 2

Unique specifications

Rotomoulded pointers and covers for harvesters have some unique specifications when it comes to the coloring:

  • Possibility for customer-specific coloring of the product
  • Large variety of colors
  • Functional and visually appealing parts
  • Key selling point for corporate design

Customized structure

Customized surface structure is another advantage of rotomoulding. This allows for a specific texture or finish, which can be important for the overall design of the vehicle. For example, a harvester manufacturer might choose to create a pointer with a smooth surface structure to make it easier to clean, or a cover with a rough surface structure to make the grip and handling easier. A rough finish also is more resistant against scratches or stone chips.

Pointers & Covers Harvesters 3
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