Mudguard and clean water tank in one

Agricultural sprayers are complex machines that have to comply with many regulations. One of the demands is that the machine has a clean water tank, which has a capacity of 10% of the main tank. If the main tank is 4000 litres, the volume of clean water must be 400 litres.

When designing a sprayer, it is a challenge to find space for the voluminous tanks, pumps, valves, hoses, filters and motors. This is where the advantages of rotational moulding come in handy. This process is unique because in the base, double-walled products with a cavity are always formed. It is thus possible to make hollow mudguards and use the hollow space for clean water. A unique dual function. On top of that, rear lights and space for reflectors can be integrated.

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Three reasons to choose rotomoulded mudguards

Leading agricultural sprayer manufacturers choose rotationally moulded mudguards for the following reasons:

  1. Polyethylene is extremely tough, even at very low temperatures and the rotomoulding process is virtually stress-free, making the mudguards resistant to stone chips and impacts.
  2. Mounting points by means of cast-in inserts or moulded mounting holes can be included, making it easy to mount the component on the vehicle. Other design elements such as cable ducts, cut-outs for lighting and steps can also be integrated into the design.
  3. The rotational moulding technique offers several design options, so mudguards can be double-walled as well as single-walled.

Why rotomoulded mudguards are practically indestructible

Polyethylene is an extremely tough material. The rotational moulding process is virtually stress-free, making the mudguards resistant to stone chips and impacts. Furthermore, the mudguards are flexible. Should the agricultural sprayer accidentally hit something when manoeuvring, the mudguard bends and then bounces back, so damage is often minimal. The material is colored through and through, making a scratch less noticeable, as the color does not change. In addition, polyethylene is excellent to weld with welding wire and a hot air welding machine, so repairs are also easy to realize.

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