Reliable, durable and strong fuel tanks

Rotomoulded products manufactured at Rotovia are successfully used as parts for construction equipment, such as excavators. Rotomoulding offers a possibility to produce items of any shape and size. Thanks to that we can create unique fuel tanks or other essential parts of excavator equipment, characterized by reliability, durability and strength.

Rotomoulding also allows us to create products with a variety of intricate details that would be extremely difficult to achieve using other techniques. The use of the highest-quality materials in production guarantees that a product will meet all the necessary standards. Our many years of expertise and extensive know-how allow us to manufacture products that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

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Unique specifications

Rotomoulded fuel tanks for excavators have some unique specifications:

  • High chemical resistance
  • Insensitive to high and low temperatures, does not corrode or crumble under UV radiation
  • Low empty weight
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Entirely tight and therefore safe for people and the environment

Excellent tightness of rotomoulded fuel tanks

Our fuel tanks are characterized by the highest level of quality, thus completely meeting our customers’ expectations. One of the main benefits that rotomoulded fuel tanks have is their 100% tightness. The tanks do not leak, thanks to which they are safe for people and the environment. The process of manufacturing fuel tanks as a single component makes them extremely strong and robust. A unique advantage of our fuel tanks is their uniform wall thickness, providing excellent chemical resistance, as well as high resistance to mechanical damage.

One more important benefit is that polyethylene fuel tanks have excellent durability in all sorts of weather conditions. They are insensitive to high and low temperatures, do not corrode and do not crumble under UV radiation. Therefore, they retain their properties without changing their parameters, and their service life is much longer than of tanks produced with another technique.

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