Durable plastic tanks for the railroad industry

At Rotovia, we manufacture tanks for all kinds of fluids and liquid substances. Our rotational moulding technology offers great production possibilities, and plastic components that we produce are also used in the railroad industry. Rotomoulded plastic tanks are successfully used as train equipment. The rotational moulding process allows us to design and create tanks of the highest quality, with a whole range of benefits that set our products apart from competing technologies.

We produce tanks of various shapes and sizes that fully meet the individual needs of our customers. These tanks are extremely durable and strong, making them ideal for the railroad industry. Our manufacturing process is based on cooperation with the customer, as a result of which our products are perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of the industry and meet all expectations.

Fresh Water Tank Train 1
Fresh Water Tank Trains 2

Unique specifications

Rotomoulded fresh water tanks for trains have some unique specifications:

  • Low empty weight
  • Robust design and reliable tank tightness
  • Damage resistance
  • Insensitivity to low and high temperatures
  • Resistance to changing weather conditions and UV radiation
  • Variety of shapes and volumes

Tight design of rotomoulded fresh water tanks

The plastic fresh water tanks of Rotovia are made of polyethylene. Thanks to this, they have many unique benefits. The tanks are characterized by high resistance to changes in PH, low and high temperatures, as well as to any fluctuations in stress. The structure of the tank is very stable and, at the same time, low weight, which is of great importance during transportation, storage, and installation.

Our fresh water tanks are manufactured in one piece, making them free of joints and welds. This provides excellent tightness and a guarantee that the contents of the tank will not leak out. The highest-quality materials used in their production make our fresh water tanks strong, durable and exceptionally resistant to cracking and mechanical damage. Rotomoulded tanks are much more durable than tanks manufactured with other technologies, such as the injection moulding technology. In our rotomoulding process, we are able to design and manufacture fresh water tanks in all shapes and volumes, according to our customers’ needs.

Fresh Water Tank Train 3
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