Durable fresh water tanks

One of the main benefits of rotomoulded tanks is their excellent durability. Rotomoulding is a manufacturing process that involves heating plastic powder and then moulding them into a desired form using a mould. The plastic is then cooled and removed from the mould.

Because the plastic material is evenly distributed throughout the mould surface without internal stresses, rotomolded tanks are very strong and resistant to impacts, making them a great choice for use in a camper or caravan. Polyethylene is also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals (like cleaning agents) and will not corrode or chip over time.

Freshw Ater Tanks
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Design flexibility

Another advantage of rotomoulded tanks is their flexibility in design. Because the rotomoulding process allows for the creation of a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these tanks can easily be customized to fit the specific available space of a camper. For example, they can be made to fit under a seat or in a small storage area.

Additionally, medium density polyethylene (MDPE) has a low material density. This makes the tanks very lightweight, which is a key factor in camper design, since the maximum weight of the vehicle determines if you can drive the camper with a standard drivers licence.

Suitable for drinking water

Rotomoulded fresh water tanks are often made with food grade materials, such as MDPE, which is safe for storing potable water. Rotomoulded fresh water tanks are compliant to European legislation. This is important for campers and caravans, as they will often rely on these tanks as a source of drinking water.

Lastly, rotomoulded fresh water tanks are also designed to be leak proof and easy to clean, which is crucial when camping. The rotomoulding process creates a seamless tank, with a very smooth and rounded internal surface, which eliminates the risk of leaks and makes cleaning much easier.

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