Durable rotomoulded floaters for the solar energy industry

At Rotovia, we create innovative plastic components for the solar energy industry. Our rotomoulded floaters are successfully used for modern floating photovoltaic installations. Thanks to the rotational moulding process, we can create floaters with an extremely strong structure and unique shape.

The material used in the production of the floaters is extremely durable, which makes these products very strong and reliable in long-term use.

Polyethylene floaters are perfect for equipping floating farms in reservoirs, as well as coastal marine conditions. The modular design of the floaters provides great opportunities for their application, both under a floating photovoltaic (PV) panel system and as floating marinas and service piers.

At present, solar energy plays a key role among renewable sources used for heat and electricity generation. The application of our fully recycled plastic floaters in floating PV systems is the best choice for this type of installation, and, in addition, it fits in very well with current eco trends.

Solar Energy
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Unique specifications

The rotomoulded floaters that Rotovia produces have some unique specifications:

  • Low weight, which makes installation easy
  • High resistance to damage, corrosion and UV radiation
  • The wall thickness is uniform
  • Lower costs and better cost efficiency than steel floaters
  • Lood floating characteristics

Lightweight modular floaters ideal for floating photovoltaic systems

Our durable plastic floaters are manufactured from the highest quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for its strength and durability in water bodies.  Thanks to this, they offer a number of great benefits: they are corrosion-free and extremely resistant to destruction, mechanical damage, or UV radiation. An important advantage of plastic floaters is that they are lightweight, which facilitates their transportation, storage and installation. On the other hand, the uniform thickness of the product’s walls significantly contributes to their solidity and stability. Another important benefit of our polyethylene floaters is their properly developed design, which makes these products have excellent floating characteristics, rendering them ideal for the UV floating panel system. A next significant advantage is their low cost. The cost efficiency of plastic floaters is far superior to steel floaters. And given the flexibility of our rotomoulding process, we can fully customize the floaters to meet individual customer requirements, both in terms of shape and size.

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