Stable and lightweight rotomoulded plastic parts

Rotomoulded plastic parts manufactured by Rotovia are perfect for the wind energy industry. Our rotomoulding technology allows us to produce plastic parts designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, such as damper tanks. Our tanks are of the highest quality, meeting all the necessary standards. The materials we use to manufacture our products are extremely durable, so the final products for the wind energy industry are characterized by excellent strength and reliability in long-term use. Our rotational molding process enables us to manufacture a product in one piece. This not only reduces production costs significantly, but first of all provides for a whole range of products with perfect structural properties, which are ideally suited for the wind energy industry.

Damper Tanks 1
Damper Tanks 2

Unique specifications

The damper tanks that Rotovia produces come with various unique specifications:

  • The product shape is designed to increase resistance to external forces and loads
  • The material is selected to handle a long lifetime in changing conditions
  • Excellent burst and tear resistance
  • Insensitivity to low and high temperatures
  • The tanks are corrosion-proof

Polyethylene damper tanks: perfectly resistant to external loads

Our damper tanks manufactured in the rotational moulding technology are characterized by unique benefits, including an extremely important one: their excellent robust structure and strength, which makes the tanks resistant to any damage, tearing or ripping of the tank surface. Another important benefit of damper tanks is their unique shape, which has been designed in such a way as to maximize resistance to forces and external loads. The high-quality polyethylene used to manufacture the damper tanks makes them highly resistant to impacts and shocks. A next unique advantage is that they are corrosion-proof and exceptionally resistant to both low and high temperatures. The damper tanks manufactured in the rotational molding process are the best products for such an innovative, as well as demanding, sector as the wind energy industry.

Damper Tanks 3
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