Rotomoulded cooler boxes with excellent insulation

Plastic coolers enjoy great popularity among a wide range of rotomoulded products. We can take advantage of the rotomoulding process to produce the strongest and most durable rotomoulded cooler boxes. A rotomoulded ice box is not only intended for hot days and holiday trips. It is an essential, versatile piece of equipment for any occasion and every season. It will keep your drinks and food cool on any outdoor adventure, long road trips, sailing, hunting, hiking or even while barbecuing. Outdoor activities require portable coolers that can withstand harsh conditions and long-term use. Our coolers are the aesthetic premium solution for you. They are lightweight, functional and easy to store. Our roto moulded boxes can perfectly protect products and ensures that ice does not melt inside.

Rotovia Cooler Boxes
Rotovia open rotomoulded ice box

Unique specifications

The rotomoulded cooler boxes that Rotovia produces have some unique specifications:

  • Highly durable
  • The robust structure of the portable cooling box will withstand the rigors of travel
  • Premium insulated design
  • Designed for superior performance and suited for all adventures

Highly durable and indestructible rotomoulded ice box

Our plastic coolers have fantastic benefits that set them apart from other products. Rotomoulded cooler boxes are extremely durable! Undoubtedly, their greatest benefit is the resistance to any damage. Uniform wall thickness and hard-wearing corners make our coolers totally stress-resistant. Another major advantage is their UV resistance, which prevents loss of shape or warping when exposed to the sun. Our polyethylene coolers are also impervious to acids, salts, as well as corrosion and abrasion.

Our high insulated coolers are a great solution for the transport of temperature-controlled products. They are great transition containers from traditional single wall boxes and baskets. Some of the most desperately needed products require stable temperatures and special handling. These insulated boxes feature a proven double-wall seamless construction which provides optimal temperature control, in addition to considerable savings in ice consumption.

For more information reach out and we will find the rotomoulded ice box you need!

Rotomoulded Cooler Box
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