Excellent chemical resistant sprayer cabinets

Agricultural sprayers can have different cabinets for different functions. One application is a cabinet for storing jerrycans of crop protection products. There are some clear requirements to complete this application. First of all, the cabinet must be leak-proof, so that the chemicals cannot be released into the environment. Since rotationally moulded components are seamless one-piece products, this is the ideal solution.

Secondly, the cabinet must be able to withstand these chemicals, combined with humid and outdoor conditions. Rotational moulded polyethylene has excellent chemical resistance to many chemicals. Because Rotovia is also an expert in rotomoulded intermediate chemical bulk containers, we have built up extensive knowledge about chemicals and their contact with polyethylene.

Cabinet For Sprayer
Cabinet For Sprayer 2

Cabinets provide protection for sprayers

Whether it is a storage cabinet for chemicals, or for safety clothing or an enclosure for control electronics, rotationally moulded cabinets offer ultimate protection. Not only against solar irradiation and weather conditions but also against shocks and vibrations. Whatever is stored in the cabinet will always be safe.

Rotomoulding offers value for money

For relatively small and medium-sized series, rotomoulding offers the unique possibility of designing a product entirely according to customer requirements. The one-off investment in a mould is generally quickly recovered compared with other production processes such as sheet steel or polyester. Using this mould, products can be manufactured serially and reproducibly at very competitive unit prices.

The rotational moulding process is a flexible process that can respond quickly to market demand. For example, one mould can be started with a relatively low investment. If market demand increases, an investment in a second mould can be made. This way, investments can grow along with market demand and risks remain limited.

Cabinet For Sprayer 3
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