Bumpers for mobile compressors with enhanced durability

Our bumpers for mobile compressors are rotomoulded and are very efficient in extremely harsh operating conditions. Growing requirements in the mobile compressor area give producers more pressure to offer products that are durable and efficient. In this competitive market, it’s essential to pay close attention to every aspect of compressors, including the bumper. With all respect to the above statement, traditional bumpers, however small they appear, bring out a world of difference in comparing overall performance and durability of a mobile compressor to one that has the correct bumper installed.  One solution is to use robust one-piece rotomoulded bumpers.

Bumpers for mobile compressors
Rotovia Bumpers Mobile Compressors

High-standard rotomoulded bumper for compressors

We are committed to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality and design. Our rotomoulded bumpers for compressors and canopies exemplify this commitment. Manufactured through a highly efficient process, these bumpers are not just about robustness; they’re about bringing aesthetic coherence to your heavy machinery without compromising on performance. Our one-piece design eliminates potential weak points, offering a seamless integration that significantly enhances impact resistance. This ensures that your equipment is safeguarded against physical stresses, thereby reducing the risk of damage and downtime. With our rotomoulded bumpers, your compressors gain an edge in both durability and design, allowing for an easy installation process that complements the sophisticated engineering of your machinery.

Accurate 3D scanning service for rotomoulded premium products

At Rotovia, we offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service, from physical scanning to post-processing. Our scanning service accurately measures rotomoulded products in 3D, providing extremely accurate measurement data. With this service, our customers not only gain precise 3D models of their custom moulded products, but also the ability to use the collected information in the design or quality control process.

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Rotomoulded Mobile Compressor

Easy installation and longer lasting

The evolution of compressor technology requires components that can follow the need for efficiency and ease of use. Our plastic bumper compressors will lead this with a lightweight, durable solution to your performance and maneuverability needs. Partnering up with us guarantees the best quality of plastic components that make your compressors lightweight and stronger. This would be essential in differentiating your product within the current market, where performance under very harsh conditions and ease of maintenance can make your product stand out.

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