Double-walled rotomoulded boats

The rotationally moulded boats that are part of leisure equipment are externally and internally made from indestructible polyethylene in one piece. The hollow inner space is partly filled with PUR foam and provides extra buoyancy, making the polyethylene boat virtually unsinkable. There are also variants in which a second layer is formed on the inside of PE foam, creating a very rigid product. Furthermore, the HDPE boat consists of many other rotationally moulded parts such as the steering console, double-walled PE-foamed floor plates, benches that also serve as storage compartments, extra floating bodies that are placed under the floor parts and a hinged bow part. Rotomoulded boats are often used by rescue services due to their sturdiness and safety.

Rotomoulded HDPE boat
Rotomoulded HDPE boat

Flexibility in the dimensions of HDPE boats

Because rotational moulding is a pressureless process, large moulds are also made with a relatively thin wall thickness, which means that a rotational moulding mould is often much cheaper compared to other processes. Due to the relatively low investment costs in moulds, customers are able to design a complete range of rotomoulded boats in many sizes and designs.
For example, Rotovia manufactures 10 different polyethylene boats ranging in length from 2.10 meters to 4.99 meters. Our manufacturing process also allows us to produce polyethylene rotomoulded skiffs and kayaks. In addition, rotational moulding is suitable for relatively small series per production batch so that we can respond flexibly to demand.

Accurate 3D scanning service for rotomoulded premium products

At Rotovia, we offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service, from physical scanning to post-processing. Our scanning service accurately measures rotomoulded products in 3D, providing extremely accurate measurement data. With this service, our customers not only gain precise 3D models of their custom moulded products, but also the ability to use the collected information in the design or quality control process.

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Rotomoulded HDPE boat

UV-resistant and 100% extremely durable polyethylene boat material

The boats are made of through-dyed polyethylene. Polyethylene for rotational moulding is UV resistant, and this UV resistance is further improved by coloring with high-quality dyes. Our rotomoulded boats are therefore suitable for many years of outdoor use. Another advantage of our method of colouring material is that we can quickly change colours and we can manufacture HDPE boats in different colours in one production batch. The boats are available in 10 different colours. In addition, the material is excellent for 100% recycling, and high-quality rotomoulded polyethylene boat can be made from this recycled material.



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