Lightweight air inlet ducts for trucks

Rotomoulded air inlet ducts are becoming an increasingly popular choice for truck manufacturers due to their numerous advantages over traditional air inlet ducts. One of the main benefits of rotomoulded air inlet ducts is their lightweight design. The ducts are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a lightweight but strong material that can help to reduce the overall weight of the truck. This can help to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, which can help truck manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

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Air Inlet Ducts Truck 2

Unique specifications

Rotomoulded air inlet ducts for trucks have some unique specifications:

  • Versatile and wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Possibility for complex designs
  • Improved performance of the truck
  • Optimized airflow
  • Improved engine cooling

Additional functions to reduce complexity

The air inlet ducts for trucks can be designed to include features such as built-in filters, temperature sensors, and level indicators, which can help to improve the performance of the truck and make maintenance and repair easier. This means that truck manufacturers can reduce the number of separate components required to construct a truck. This simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces costs.

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