Durable and robust plastic excavator air ducts

Rotomoulded products manufactured at Rotovia are successfully used as parts for construction equipment, such as excavators. Rotomoulding offers the possibility to produce items of any shape and size. Thanks to this, we can create unique excavator air ducts or other essential parts of excavator equipment, characterized by reliability, durability and strength.

The rotational moulding technology also allows us to create products with a variety of intricate details that would be extremely difficult to manufacture using other techniques. The use of the highest-quality materials in production guarantees that a product will meet all the necessary standards. Our extensive know-how and many years of expertise allow us to produce rotomoulded air ducts for excavators that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers.

Excavator air ducts
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Unique specifications of HDPE air ducts excavator

Excavator air ducts made using the rotomoulding technology have some unique specifications:

  • Low product weight
  • High damage resistance
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Durable structure

Accurate 3D scanning service for rotomoulded premium products

At Rotovia, we offer a comprehensive 3D scanning service, from physical scanning to post-processing. Our scanning service accurately measures rotomoulded products in 3D, providing extremely accurate measurement data. With this service, our customers not only gain precise 3D models of their custom moulded products, but also the ability to use the collected information in the design or quality control process.

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High-resistant of rotomoulded air ducts excavator

Excavator air ducts, manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene, are characterised by excellent durability and strength. Thanks to their resistance to deterioration, temperature variation, cracking and mechanical damage, HDPE excavator air ducts ensure reliability and long-lasting use.

Our manufacturing process allows for a significant reduction in product weight, which translates into light-weight air ducts and easier installation. This is a key aspect that contributes to the efficiency and convenience of these products. Another important advantage of rotomoulded air ducts for excavators is their full corrosion resistance. Unlike steel or aluminium products, air ducts do not require regular maintenance, saving time and resources.

Thanks to the flexibility of rotational moulding, it is possible to customise the shape and size of excavator air ducts. This allows us to create products that perfectly meet customers’ requirements, regardless of their specific business. The rotomoulded air ducts we produce guarantee reliability, durability, and performance.



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