Polyethylene: perfectly resistant to Adblue

The rotomoulded AdBlue tanks of Rotovia are ideal for trucks. All tanks are tested on their leak-tightness and deliver a robust and reliable solution for every application. The material characteristics of AdBlue require polyethylene as an outer shell, so that the liquid cannot diffuse through the material.

Rotomoulded parts are made from one piece, which means they are seamless. This helps to prevent the diffusing out of the tank. Additionally, rotomoulding creates a uniform thickness of material throughout the tank, which ensures excellent stability and rigidity, even when the tank is empty.

Adblue Tanks Truck 1
Adblue Tanks Truck 3

Unique specifications

Rotomoulded AdBlue tanks for trucks have some unique specifications:

  • In comparison to steel, polyethylene enables to reduce the weight of the whole system. Especially for heavy duty vehicles it is important for the manufacturer to save weight to meet legal weight requirements.
  • With rotomoulding, annual volumes from 1 to 15.000 pieces can be manufactured.
  • They are resistant to diffusing of the AdBlue liquid.

Customizable design

Polyethylene tanks allow for storage of AdBlue in almost all places on the truck. Our rotomoulding process is designed for complex, customized products. Integration of functions into the tank design allows our customers to use the tanks for structural integration of additional features. The installation of features like level sensor or quality sensors allow a “ready-to-use” product design. This allows for accurate and precise products meeting our automotive customer demands.

Rotomoulding suits to annual manufacture volumes from 1 to 15.000 pieces. If needed, technical changes in the product can always be made. In comparison to other manufacturing processes technical changes (e.g. integration of new functions) are easier to implement later.

Adblue Tanks Trucks
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