The last step in the rotomoulding process is finishing and assembling. After the product has been demoulded and cooled to room temperature, it is ready for any needed additional machining and assembling.

The product design and requirements determine the type of finishing and assembling that needs to be done. The product can be further machined by robots or by using specialized routing tools, to achieve the desired precision and finish. This includes routing, cutting and drilling and is useful for creating features such as slots, holes, or precise mating surfaces. After machining and assembling, the product is ready for final assembly, inspection and packaging for shipment to the customer.



After machining, the final product is assembled, if required. This may include joining multiple parts together, installing hardware, or adding other components such as lids, caps, or seals. Products can be equipped with components like valves or vents. Some parts require a secondary operation such as filling the part with foam.

Once finished and assembled, the product is tested to ensure it meets all necessary specifications and requirements. This can include leak tests and wall thickness verifications, as well as functional tests, such as testing for proper operation.

Quality assurance

The final step in the rotomoulding process is quality assurance inspection. The product is checked for compliance with quality standards, including visual inspections and measurement inspections. The product will be labelled and coded to enable traceability. Visual inspections are done to ensure the product meets aesthetic standards and has no visible defects. Measurement inspections are done to ensure the product meets dimensional specifications.

Once the product has passed inspection, it is packaged for shipment to the customer. This ensures that the customer receives a product that meets the required quality standards and specifications.

Quality Assurance
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