Effective from
19 January 2023

Version: 2023/1
Document status: approved
Date issued: 19.01.2023
Approved by: Board of Directors on 19.01.2023
Date for review: 31.12.2025
Lead author/reviewer Dadi Valdimarsson CEO of Rotovia


We will thrive through our employees as they are our greatest value. Our employee’s well-being is our top priority and we shall conduct our business in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy work environment across all functional areas.



Everyone at Rotovia shall take responsibility for their own safety and that of others affected by their actions. Working safely is a condition of employment.

Management shall ensure a safe work environment by removing hazards through elimination, substitution, machine design, and safe work practices. Our work environment shall be compliant with all relevant laws where Rotovia’s subsidiaries are operating and shall follow Rotovia’s Health and safety best practices where applicable. Management responsibilities include training, accident investigation and hazard reporting follow-up, the provision and maintenance of safe operating equipment, and an active safety committee.

All supervisory roles are responsible for promoting safe work through enforcement of Rotovia procedures communicating and informing employees of hazards in the workplace and ensuring that employees are properly trained to perform the required tasks.

Employees shall know, understand, and comply with Rotovia policies, procedures, and safe work practices, including wearing the appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) at all times. Employees shall report any hazards, all near misses, property damage, chemical spills, and incidents to their supervisor immediately – without delay.


Managers will lead by personal example by always putting health & safety first. Health and safety is, and will always be our number one objective above all others, including profitability. The behaviour and attitude of management with regard to safety issues should be a positive example to others.

Safe Workplace & Equipment

We will strive to continuously improve the safety of our equipment, our working environment and the health of our employees in the workplace through participation, proper and suitable training, and fostering the development of a culture centered on health & safety.

Contractors & Associates

Our standards and conditions of health and safety apply equally to contractors and other third-party providers as to Rotovia employees. We shall ensure the contractors understand our systems and procedures and maintain a strict adherence to them.

Learning from our Experiences

We will thoroughly investigate incidents and potentially dangerous events known as near misses. We will determine root causes and act appropriately and expeditiously to prevent repetitions. We will share our experience with other workplaces to ensure that best practice procedures are adopted.

Monitoring & Review

We will carry out regular, detailed audits of our operations.  We will continue to communicate and develop systems for measuring our performance.  We will identify outstanding performance and will make use of such cases and individuals as positive examples in order to improve and reinforce our health and safety culture on a continuing