Our process is perfect for reusable products

Our rotomolded products are specifically designed and manufactured to be durable and long-lasting. Our products don’t need to be replaced frequently as some products manufactured in other processes. Our rotomolded products are durable and long-lasting for a few reasons. One reason is that the rotational molding process itself creates a uniform wall thickness throughout the part, so there are no thin or weak spots that are more susceptible to failure. Additionally, the rotational molding process allows for the use of high-quality polyethylene and other tough, high-impact plastics, which are known for their strength and durability Another reason that our rotomolded products are durable and long-lasting is that rotomolding process doesn’t force plastic in a shape; the build-up of material is gradual and evenly around the mould. This leads to less warping and less stress in the material of products and reduces the chance of overall failure including stress-cracking. Additionally, the rotomolding process can create parts with integrated features such as ribs and bosses, which can increase strength and durability by redistributing stress.

Our Process Is Perfect For Reusable Products
Subscription Based Use To Improve Sustainability

Designed for a long life

Reuse of products is key to decrease the environmental impact of a product over its lifetime. It saves resources and decreases waste caused by the manufacturing process and waste created by short-living products.
During the development of a new product we create designs that allow the product to be serviceable: parts that may wear or that are susceptible to be damaged are designed to be repairable or replaceable. This further extends the already long lifetime of our rotomolded products.

Subscription-based use to improve sustainability

Reusing products reduces the need to extract raw materials and use energy to create new ones, which helps to conserve resources and limit the environmental impact of resource extraction. For some products we offer a subscription-based model that increases reuse and sustainability because it is based on long-term use of products. Predictive inventory management, regular maintenance and upgrades, and continuous feedback from customers also help to extend the life of the products and reduce waste. It creates a circular economy model where the product is continuously used and updated, resulting in less waste and a greater potential for reuse and sustainability. Additionally, it can also incentivize the companies to invest in more sustainable products and practices as it aligns with their business model. All of these benefits together contribute to a more durable economic growth and a sustainable way of living.

Designed For A Long Life
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