Return and collection

Our recycling process starts with the return and collection of rotomolded products at the end of their long life. Collection is a key component in closing the loop and preventing these products from becoming waste. The plastics of used rotomolded products are valuable materials and especially suited to be reused in new rotomolded products.
This process begins by providing our customers with an easy and convenient way to return their rotomolded products to a pick-up location where they are cleaned and processed. We then inspect the products to ensure they are in suitable condition for recycling.

Return And Collection
Cleaning And Compacting

Cleaning and compacting

We use a specialized recycling process that breaks down the rotomolded parts into small flakes of plastic. This is done on shredders which cut and grind the old products into small flakes. The plastic flakes are then washed and sorted, and impurities or contaminants are removed. This process ensures that the plastic flakes are clean and of good quality, making them suitable for further processing. Recycling rotomolded plastic products allows us to conserve valuable resources, reduce the amount of waste, and reduces carbon emissions. It also helps to close the loop and prevent old rotomolded products from becoming waste.

Upgrade material

After cleaning and compacting, the pellets are upgraded with anti-oxidant as well as UV-stabilisation to cope with future degradation from heat and sunlight. This prepares the material for its future life. The upgrading process is done on an extruder through a process named “compounding”, which melts and mixes the flakes and additives into a pellets: small round granules of plastic. Once this recycling process is completed, the pellets are used to create new products. The upgraded pellets are used to make a wide variety of new rotomolded products. This allows us to close the loop and prevent waste.

Upgrade Material
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