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Sustainable rotomoulded playground equipment

Rotovia’s mission is to empower customers by producing premium & sustainable solutions. This story together with KOMPAN, Beologic and Rotovia covers every element of our mission. A fantastic story about a premium product with a huge impact on sustainability.

The ambitious project, aptly named “GO GREEN,” was initiated in March 2020 through a collaborative effort between Kompan and Rotovia. Taking place in the picturesque Danish city of Odense, renowned as the birthplace of the esteemed poet Hans Christian Andersen, the project aimed to revolutionize the roto moulding category by introducing an innovative product line with significantly reduced carbon emissions. Recognizing Rotovia as a reliable and capable partner with robust engineering support, KOMPAN entrusted them to confront this challenge head-on. Embracing sustainability and environmental consciousness, the project aspired to leave a lasting, positive impact on the industry and the planet alike.

Year 2023
Solution Rotomoulded seats (playground equipment)
Markets Playground equipment
Sustainable Rotomoulded Playground Equipment

Why the “Go Green” project all started.

But why start so ambitious project as the “Go Green” project? At companies, like KOMPAN more than 80% of carbon emissions come from raw materials. Therefore, KOMPAN has chosen to focus heavily on two things that most effectively help lower CO2 emissions and to keep pushing the development of raw materials to increasingly post-consumer recycled waste instead of using virgin materials. KOMPAN calls it Made Green.

Two-year development journey for the best possible outcome

Over the course of an arduous two-year development journey, punctuated by numerous trials at the esteemed Rotovia facility, a groundbreaking achievement was realized – the discovery of the perfect harmony between material processing, part durability, and top-notch quality. This remarkable feat was no happenstance; it was the result of meticulous efforts and unwavering determination.

The quest for excellence led the project’s key players, namely SDG, the proud owner of the renowned Beologic brand, Kompan, the visionary project owner, and Rotovia, the esteemed rotomoulded responsible for conducting the trials, to embark on a rigorous exploration of the market to identify the most reliable PCR supplier. Once found, a collaborative partnership was forged, leading to the co-development of the exceptional material.

Through a combination of expertise, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, the outcome has set new industry standards, elevating the entire field, and promising a brighter, more sustainable future for material processing, material usage, and product development.

33% PCR content

In Spring 2022, a significant milestone was achieved as the initial off-tool serial production parts, boasting an impressive 33% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) content, were successfully delivered to KOMPAN. This marked a groundbreaking step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility in the manufacturing sector.

Emboldened by this accomplishment, KOMPAN has taken firm strides towards further expanding its GO GREEN portfolio, driven by the pressing need to address the escalating global demand for eco-friendly products and solutions. The company’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship has resonated with consumers and businesses alike, propelling the GO GREEN range to new heights of popularity and success.

In tandem with KOMPAN’s dedication to eco-consciousness, Rotovia, the trusted supply partner, has remained instrumental in ensuring a seamless and prosperous continuation of the supply chain. Their remarkable success in consistently delivering high-quality PCR-infused components has played a pivotal role in empowering KOMPAN’s green initiative.

As sustainability becomes an increasingly pivotal aspect of modern business practices, the collaboration between KOMPAN and ROTOVIA serves as an inspiring model for others to follow. Together, they are paving the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

More than 50+ years experience in rotomoulding

The custom molding business showcases exceptional rotomoulding capabilities, manufacturing highly Sustainable rotomoulded playground equipment with PCR content that boasts superior resistance against impacts and weathering. Using the roto molding process gives customers freedom in design allowing for limitless creative possibilities. Moreover, rotomoulded products are corrosion-proof, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. From robust playground equipment to intricate industrial components, our expertise in roto moulding empowers industries to achieve reliable and sustainable solutions. Our commitment to premium quality ensures customers receive plastic products tailored to their specific requirements and needs.

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