16 February 2024

A long journey... Story of Rotovia Hockenheim GmbH

We invite you on a short journey to get to know more about the history of our Rotovia Hockenheim factory in Germany.

The Hockenheim plant is one of Rotovia’s six plants for rotational moulding technology in the area of custom moulding. Rotovia Hockenheim has been in the rotomoulding business for over 50 years. See how the company operates today and how it has developed its business of change over the years.

Rotovia Hockenheim - how it all started

In 1967, Rhein Conti “Kunststoff-Technik GmbH was founded as a JV of “Rhein-Chemie” und “Continental AG” in Mannheim, Germany at the “Rheinau”.
At that time, Rotovia had their focus on roto moulding. Rhein Conti delivered chemical packaging containers to their partners and other customers. Based and the great success and demand, the space in Mannheim became to little for this prospecting factory. A new ground was found in todays location, in Hockenheim, just a view miles away. In 1990 the new Factory celebrated the grand opening in “4. Industrie-Straße 18 in 68766 Hockenheim”.

Rotovia Hockenheim
Loading Mould

Great times ahead

Rhein Conti developed their core technology “Roto-Moulding” to become a fairly well-known part of the German plastic-converting industry. The three-shift operation, converted almost 2.000MT at this stage with almost 200 employees. Based on the foundation of best practice, numerous new customers, markets and products have been developed and delivered to their customer-base across Germany. The location in Hockenheim had another leading-edge advantage – connection to the “German Railway” right outside the factory to load and deliver in a very sustainable way – already 30+ years ago.

Times are changing

Since the foundation in Mannheim, not only the names have changed (Rhein-Bonar, Bonar-Plastics, Promens Hockenheim) but also the focus of goods developed and produced and customers. Today, Rotovia Hockenheim GmbH is a proud part of Rotovia Hf – the leading plastic converter in Europe. The plant and the entire staff is committed to: High-Quality and Complex products, Energy and environmental friendly behaviour and its Team-DNA: Share, Care and Can do. This was impressively demonstrated in 2017 when a transportation solution with edge-breaking technology was developed and launched together with a global non-automotive OEM. The new product line, which is used in airport business, combines three major process technologies:

  • Roto Moulding
  • Over Moulding of an abrasion reinforcement
  • PUR-Foaming with tolerance requirements that are at the edge of feasible

Since SOP, the Hockenheim-Team has delivered over 10.000 pcs. across the globe… to be continue.


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