12 February 2024

Rotovia promotes sustainable rotomoulding at 13th Nordic ARM Conference

The 13th Nordic Arm Conference on sustainability in rotomoulding took place in Reykjavik, Iceland on 6-7 February 2024.
The participants discussed innovations, challenges and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of production. Rotovia was among the sponsors of this event, expressing support for activities that promote a sustainable approach in the plastic industry.

Electrical RM machines as a road to sustainable rotomoulding

Daði Valdimarsson, CEO of Rotovia, shared our experience in running electrical RM machines during his speech. In his presentation, Daði highlighted our mission and our road to sustainable rotomoulding. By 2028 we will take back 30% of products. 20% material of the material used then will be post consumer recycled material. Our manufacturing machines will be converted to carbon-free rotomoulding ovens.

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Electric Oven Dalvik Iceland

Carbon-free rotomoulding oven

Our first carbon-free rotomoulding oven has been installed in Dalvik, Iceland, back in 2012.On October 12th 2012 this rotomoulding machine has started production and ever since we have built 54.000 hours of experience in running this carbon-free rotomoulding machine. The energy savings of the machine has proved to 45% in kWh/kg compared to the traditional machine.

Rotomoulding oven powered by electricity at Dalvik

Taking advantage of the renewable energy that Iceland is using for over a century, we have used both hydropower and geothermal energy to run this machine. This has led to a saving of 5.530 MT of CO2e over the last 11 years!

Over this winter we have installed another carbon-free electric rotomoulding oven in Dalvik, Iceland. This will give us a total annual CO2e saving of 900.500 Kg CO2e – equal to 200 personal cars, or CO2 absorbing from 36.000 trees!

All above is an important milestone to fulfil our customers’ demand for sustainable products.


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