New horizons with plastic components for boats and yachts

Marine manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of their boats and yachts in order to deliver the best possible products to their customers. A solution that can help achieve this goal is to use our durable and extremely strong roto-moulded plastic components.

The rotomoulding process offers fantastic opportunities to produce excellent plastic components for the marine industry, such as water tanks, fuel tanks and waste tanks.  Made from the highest quality polyethylene, these products are not only extremely durable but also have a long service life. The long service life of plastic components for boat and yacht equipment is due to several key factors.

Gasoline Tank
Holding Tank

Unlocking waves of posibilities with roto-moulded plastics components for the marine industry

Polyethylene tanks are manufactured as a one-piece construction with no welds or joints, making them durable and robust. The polyethylene from which they are made makes the tanks resistant to the damaging effects of seawater or chemicals. Unlike their steel counterparts, they do not corrode or rust. The corrosion-free nature of our plastic tanks means that these products can be used for many years without any loss in quality or performance.

Rotoformed tanks are also resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation and varying temperatures. They do not fade, crack or lose their mechanical properties even when exposed to extreme weather conditions, so they can be used for a long time with low maintenance costs.

The long service life of polyethylene water and waste tanks opens the way for innovative designs and concepts for the marine industry.

Complex design shapes to fit limited space in boat and yacht

The rotomoulding process offers great freedom in product design. With this technology, it is possible to create unusually shaped tanks that fit perfectly into specific spaces on boats or yachts. We are able to accommodate a variety of customer requirements, creating tanks with different capacities, non-standard shapes and additional functionalities.

This allows us to tailor the tanks to each customer’s specific needs, which is crucial especially in the marine industry, where every space on a boat or yacht must be used as efficiently as possible.

The freedom in tank design makes our roto-formed products highly customizable, perfectly tailored to specific vessels while meeting marine industry standards. Our manufacturing process allows additional tank components, such as inlets or valves, to be attached directly during product manufacture. These elements are incorporated into the product, thus ensuring leak-proofing, as well as a high level of safety and performance.

Yacht With Rotomoulded Components

Rotomoulded plastic products the excellent solution for the sustainability of the marine industry

One of the main advantages of our plastic tanks is that they can be recycled. The tanks are made from polyethylene, a material that is easily recycled at the end of its life. This makes the tanks a more sustainable choice for shipbuilders, reducing the environmental impact of vessels. By choosing rotationally moulded components, shipbuilders can ensure the durability and reliability of their boats, while increasing their contribution to the sustainability of the marine industry.

At Rotovia, we have been manufacturing components for the marine industry for more than 20 years. Using our extensive know-how and our engineers’ expert knowledge of rotational moulding technology, we stamp out products that are of the highest quality, durable, robust and reliable at sea.


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