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Solving Sustainability Challenges One Story at a Time

As part of Rotovia’s strategy to create sustainable solutions, our Saeplast brand partnered with West Liberty Foods in the USA to bring a new sustainable product solution to the world.

West Liberty Foods is a turkey processor who “… strive to leave a lasting positive impact.” as per their sustainability mission statement. The new container needed to line up with four key initiatives: 1) West Liberty’s landfill-free initiatives where less than 1% of all internal waste is sent to a landfill; 2) be reusable, 3) be employee safe and 4) be 100% food safe.

The patented Saeplast PE reusable meat log container replaces unsafe stainless steel options and the costly throw-away corrugated cardboard bins used in the market today.

Saeplast was able to share their knowledge and innovation with West Liberty to come up with a design that shows care for West Liberty’s employees and sustainability initiatives while keeping a can-do attitude towards the project as this is new to the world product.

Being collaborative with helping hands lead to success for West Liberty Foods, Saeplast, and Rotovia. The world is a better place because of this innovative solution.

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