Sæplast's Impactful Coastline Cleanup Initiative
Sæplast's Impactful Coastline Cleanup Initiative

Sæplast's Impactful Coastline Cleanup Initiative

At Sæplast, a part of Rotovia, they embrace our core values of “Share, Care, and Can do”. Making a positive impact is deeply ingrained in their core principles. Inspired by a commitment to collaboration, compassion, and proactive problem-solving, Sæplast has undertaken a significant initiative in Iceland to clean up the coastline. With the generous support of Sæplast, the 9th-grade students at the local school in Dalvík have embarked on a trash collecting event, aiming to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all. This collective effort highlights Sæplast’s dedication to fostering a culture of shared responsibility and environmental stewardship.


The value of “Share” is at the heart of Sæplast’s approach, recognizing that success is best achieved through combined efforts. Sæplast believes in the power of collaboration between employees, customers, and partners. By promoting open communication and mutual respect, the company strives to develop a culture of shared ownership and accountability. In line with this ethos, Sæplast joined forces with the local school and community to tackle the issue of coastline pollution.


“Caring” is a fundamental aspect of Sæplast’s business philosophy. The company is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to delivering exceptional solutions and services while prioritizing the well-being of customers, employees, and the environment. Sæplast’s attention to detail and dedication to creating a positive impact in the communities we serve is a testament to this value. The coastal cleanup initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmental sustainability, demonstrating our genuine concern for preserving the natural beauty of Iceland’s coastlines.

Can Do:

The “Can do” value fosters a proactive, solution-focused mindset within our organization. Employees are encouraged to approach challenges with a positive attitude and a willingness to take on new responsibilities. By empowering the students and encouraging their involvement in the coastal cleanup event, Sæplast established a sense of responsibility and a can-do attitude in the younger generation, paving the way for a brighter and cleaner future.

The Coastal Cleanup Event in Dalvík:

In recent years, Sæplast has played a pivotal role in organizing a trash-collecting event along the coastline of Dalvík, Iceland. Collaborating with the 9th-grade students from a local school, Sæplast has generously supported the initiative by making a significant donation to their travel fund for their upcoming school trip. This act of kindness not only motivates the students to actively participate but also instills a sense of appreciation and gratitude.

Each year, during their walk along the coastline, the students and other enthusiastic hikers diligently clean up the trash they come across and dispose of it properly. While the efforts of these dedicated individuals have made a noticeable impact, it remains unfortunate that there is still enough litter to fill several bags. Sæplast acknowledges the need for sustained commitment and hopes to create a future where such cleanup efforts become unnecessary.

Sæplast’s Impactful Coastline Cleanup Initiative

Sæplast’s role in the coastal cleanup initiative exemplifies Rotovia’s core values of “Share, Care, and Can do” in action. By collaborating with the local school and community, they foster a spirit of shared responsibility and environmental stewardship. Their dedication to making a positive impact aligns with their commitment to exceptional solutions, employee well-being, and the betterment of the communities they serve. Through initiatives like the coastal cleanup, Sæplast aspires to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment, with the ultimate dream of one day finding no trash along Iceland’s beautiful coastlines.