12 January 2024

Personal Development at Rotovia Deventer

Within the strategy of Rotovia we defined three core elements: Grow,  Sustainability and Thrive.

We would like to share on how we thrive through our employees as they are our greatest value, and their well-being is our top priority. Besides the obvious focus on Health & Safety and improving the work activities, to make our work easier and more fun, we also strongly focus on personal development.

Personal development is a very important topic for Plant Manager Björn de Grutter and the Management Team of Rotovia Deventer. We want to share some personal development trajectories with you from our plant.


Recently we’ve changed our production organisation. To manage this new lay out we needed two shift leaders. Within our organisation, we’ve found two colleagues who have seized this opportunity to make the next step in their career. As a back-up for them, two experienced operators accepted the job as a back-up shift leader.

Production Rotovia Deventer

Production Rotovia Deventer 2

Rotovia Deventer production


Due to various reasons there were some shifts within our maintenance department. This has led to a lot of new opportunities for colleagues to develop themselves. Two Senior operators made the switch to the maintenance department and one new colleague was contracted. With this we also had a vacancy available for Team-leader Maintenance which was a unique change for one of the maintenance guys for the next step in his career.


Another nice personal development path is that from Jort van Luinen. He’s working as a project manager for several years now and was looking for a new challenge towards commercial activities. For the Deventer organisation this also came at the right moment so we’ve set up a personal development trajectory to facilitate Jort into the position as an account manager.

Sales Rotovia Deventer

Employee development is a key element for the development of the entire company. By giving our employees the opportunity for personal development, recognising their skills, competencies and commitment, we not only contribute to their job satisfaction and enjoyment, but also build a strong team open to challenges and working together to achieve success.


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