Reliable rotomoulded components for hydrogen energy storage

At Rotovia, we create customized products for every industry, including the hydrogen energy industry. Our excellent rotational moulding technology allows us to produce structurally and functionally superior plastic components. These are successfully used as equipment for composite pressure vessels for hydrogen storage. Our unique plastic components are created from materials of the highest grade, ensuring the excellent standard of the manufactured products. Using the rotational moulding process, we are able to produce plastic parts for the hydrogen industry, meeting all the highest standards. Our technology enables us to design and manufacture products that are extremely durable, safe and resistant to damage and varying temperatures. Rotoformed, reliable, lightweight and durable polyethylene tanks are the perfect solution for the hydrogen energy industry, currently the most innovative industry in the field of renewable electricity generation.

Pressure Tank Liners
Pressure Line Tank Hydrogen Energy

Unique specifications

The rotomoulded products that Rotovia produces for the hydrogen energy industry have some unique specifications:

  • Excellent 100% tightness of the tank
  • High resistance to damage, shock and corrosion
  • Low weight
  • Insensitive to high and low temperatures, does not corrode or crumble when exposed to UV radiation
  • Uniform thickness of tank walls

Durable pressure tank liners for high-pressure hydrogen tanks

Pressure tank liners are a part of the design of composite pressure tanks used for hydrogen storage in fuel cell vehicles. The high-quality, high-density polyethylene used in the production of pressure tank liners gives them three fantastic benefits: it makes the tanks lightweight, extremely durable and perfectly tight. An incredible advantage of rotationally moulded pressure tank liners is that they are manufactured as one, complete piece, with no joints or welds. This eliminates problems related to gas permeability and holding hydrogen inside the tank safely.

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